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About MyEnergyTT

Myenergytt.com is the main hub of information about energy in Trinidad and Tobago.

Check us out for fun games, photos, videos and illustrations to help you learn all about our local energy sector. Need information for a school project or just want to learn more about energy industries? We’ve got the information you need. Curious about how we benefit from energy? We can show you!

We are also the home of the Ministry of Energy and Energy Affairs’ 3-phase project to get everyone to care about our energy and learn how important it is to our everyday lives. In this, our first phase we make sure you learn fun facts about energy and the energy sector.

In the second phase, we will share ways that you can conserve energy and become more energy efficient. We’ll teach you ways you can do that at home and at school. We’ll also learn how we can all get together as a country to conserve energy.

In the third phase we look into the future – renewable energy! Together, we’ll explore new ways to get energy from the sun, wind and even waves to power our country.

About the Ministry of Energy and Energy Affairs

The MEEA manages the energy of Trinidad and Tobago.

It is responsible for regulating all the companies that operate in the energy industry and makes sure that our country continues to grow from the use of our energy.

Did you know that the oil, gas and minerals sectors are the largest source of income for our country? That’s why we say that Trinidad and Tobago is an energy-based society!

Learn more about us here - www.energy.gov.tt

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Ministry of Energy and Energy Affairs (Head Office)
Levels 15 & 22-26, Energy Tower
International Waterfront Centre
#1 Wrightson Road
Port of Spain
Trinidad & Tobago

Tel: 868 626-6334/ 868 623-6708
Fax: 868 625-0306
Email: info@energy.gov.tt

Ministry of Energy and Energy Affairs (South Office)
Maska Compound
South Trunk Road
La Romain
San Fernando
Trinidad & Tobago

Tel: 868 697-7864/ 868 697-1484/ 868 697-1283/ 868 697-0948/
868 697-1275
Fax: 868 697-7013
Email: info@energy.gov.tt