Lightbulb Exchange at Felicity Presbyterian School

On Saturday 20th July, the Lightbulb Exchange Programme rolled into the busy Felicity area at the Felicity Presbyterian School. Located on one of the busiest streets in the area, residents turned out to hear from Minister of the Ministry of Energy and Energy Affairs, Senator the Honourable Kevin Ramnarine who spoke at length on his own personal experiences with energy efficiency as well as on the current work that his Ministry is overseeing in the realm of renewable energy and energy saving initiatives. Discussing his own switch to CFL bulbs at his home, he was able to relate the energy savings he enjoys and also the need to be called less frequently to change bulbs as the head of the household. The Minister also referenced the pilot studies into wind farms in the areas of Trinidad that are most conducive, such as in East Trinidad.

Ms. Gail Prince-Persad, Community Liaison Officer for the Ministry’s renewable energy outreach activities, led the audience on the practical sides of energy in T&T, from where it is derived and how it should be used, bearing in mind that it is a non-renewable energy source.

The day was not all serious facts and figures as Philo joined the team to talk to everyone about her practical experiences with energy savings as a single (but looking!) lady. The audience was in stitches at various points of her monologues and dialogue as she spoke about the great savings she experienced from switching to CFL bulbs. This sentiment was echoed by one attendee, who had previously switched all of his household’s bulbs to CFL bulbs. He noted that he started with the rooms he used most often, such as the kitchen and living room as well as his exterior lights, before moving to the bedrooms and bathroom areas. By making the switch gradually, he noted that there was no sudden financial burden, given that the bulbs are marginally more expensive. But the highlight of chatting with him was hearing that his electric bill had dropped by almost one hundred dollars (TT$100) per billing cycle from the switch!

The Ministry’s Renewable Energy Division will continue the Bulb Exchange soon. You can find the full photo album for the event here: