On Display: Our Energy at Work

Energy Pavilion at Divali NagarIt’s not too late to catch the Energy Pavilion at Divali Nagar 2014 – one of the most exciting booths on display at this year’s festival, featuring 5 different companies with tons of activities and giveaways. For the past week, The Ministry of Energy and Energy Affairs as well as the National Gas Company (NGC), NGC CNG (a subsidiary of NGC), National Energy, and Petrotrin have thrilled and engaged with hundreds of patrons at the Divali Nagar. In particular, fans were keen to see the Mitsubishi Lancer outfitted with a CNG conversion kit to make use of T&T’s very own supply of the cleaner and more environmentally-friendly natural gas. The car highlights the ease of conversion to the cheaper and friendlier fuel and falls in line with our nation’s plan to increase CNG refuelling stations while lowering the cost of acquisition; all to make natural gas a more natural choice.


Also on hand were members of our very own Renewable Energy Unit, to chat with patrons on making the switch to a more energy efficient lifestyle as well as to show the brand new update to the award winning, www.myenergytt.com.


If you can’t make it to Divali Nagar this year, be sure to stay tuned to our Facebook Page, play T&T’s hottest Energy Game and visit us online at myenergytt.com.


T&T Ready To Partner with Ghana To Develop Gas

Trinidad and Tobago (T&T) expressed its readiness to partner Ghana and other African countries to help develop their natural gas resources on mutual grounds, emphasising that it has over 106 years experience in the global petroleum industry.

The High Commissioner of Trinidad and Tobago, H.E Nyahuma Mentuhotep Obika, based in Lagos, Nigeria but accredited to Ghana, Cameroon, Liberia and other African countries made the call at a cocktail reception to mark his country’s 38th Republic Day in Accra.

He stressed: “The Republic of Trinidad and Tobago is in an enviable position to be the second nation in the world to be fully powered by natural gas. Qatar is the first such nation. There are only two nations in the entire world that are powered 100% by natural gas”.

“So, the time has come for Trinidadians to help our African brothers to develop their natural gas to boost their economies,” Mr Obika told the participants at the well-organised reception. The participants included members of the diplomatic community, Members of Parliament, Minister of State, business executives and senior officials of Republic Bank.

Today, because Trinidadians have been monetising its natural gas resources since the 1960s, the country has benefited tremendously as a result.

He noted the formation of the country’s National Gas Company (NGC) which was established in 1979 and is the flagship company of the nation’s economy. The NGC is 100% owned by the Trinidadian State.

According to the current Chairman of the NGC, Roop Chan Chadeesingh, the company is involved in everything that is positive in the country. For instance this year, NGC made $1.2 billion profits before taxes. In 2010 alone, NGC earned $.5 billion in profits, representing an increase of 200% over the past four years.

He added: “All of our power in the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago comes from natural gas”. NGC currently produces about four billion cubic feet of gas. Two billion cubic feet of that gas per day goes to Atlantic, a producer of liquefied natural gas (LNG) where four trains sell energy to the whole world.

The other two billion cubic feet, the Trinidadian High Commissioner explained is sold the various companies on the Point Lisas Industrial Estate and elsewhere.

The Point Lisas Industrial Estate houses a number of plants, including urea, ammonia and methanol plants. The NGC supplies gas to the steel plant, to Power Generation Company of Trinidad & Tobago Ltd which generates electric power through gas-fired power generation plants.

In the field of banking, Mr Obika could not hide his joy but than to say that; “the High Commission of Trinidad and Tobago is very proud of the fact that Republic Bank has had the vision to establish a physical presence on the African continent with the Republic of Ghana being chosen as the base in this regard”.

The coming of the Republic Bank into the financial sector in Ghana, he explained, could only lead to greater levels of economic integration and development for both countries.

To this end he emphasised: “The entire business community in the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago has been motivated by this unprecedented and visionary decision taken by Republic Bank T&T Ltd.”

Mr Obika however lamented that there was no African bank in the Caribbean, saying: “The time has come to address this anomaly.”

The Executive Director of Republic Bank T&T Ltd, Derwin Howell said: “The bank’s presence in Ghana is more of a return to its origins than a step into new plains as it continues to bring the markets and people of the Caribbean and Africa together”.

The bank he indicated remains dedicated to making a difference among its stakeholders in all the markets it serves in line with its slogan-”We’re the One for You”.

Recounting Trinidad and Tobago and Ghana’s relationship, the Honorary Consul of T&T, H.E. Hilton John Mitchell observed that the existing positive relationship between the countries was an indication of how far Trinidad and Tobago and Ghana have come as nations.

According to him, Trinidad and Tobago nationals moved to Ghana in the 1960s in response to a call by Ghana’s first President Dr. Kwame Nkrumah to the diaspora to come and help build a new Africa because of the links and good relations between the two countries.

Instructively, Trinidad and Tobago with a population of about 1.4 million people became a Republic on 24th September 1976 but gained independence from the British on 31st August, 1962.

Courtesy http://www.modernghana.com

T&T Joins the International Renewable Energy Agency

Minister of Energy and Energy Affairs, Senator the Honourable Kevin Ramnarine has officially received the Instrument of Accession allowing Trinidad and Tobago to be a member of the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA). This is an important step in T&T’s move towards renewable energy, allowing us to be a contributor to a global effort in the field of Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency. Trinidad and Tobago joins the likes of 130 other IRENA members such as India, the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, China, the United States of America and Germany.

The International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) is mandated as the global hub for renewable energy cooperation and information exchange by 130 Members. IRENA supports countries in their transition to a sustainable energy future, and serves as the principal platform for international cooperation, a centre of excellence, and a repository of policy, technology, resource and financial knowledge on renewable energy.

According to the Minister of Energy and Energy Affairs Kevin Ramnarine, “Trinidad and Tobago’s membership falls in line with the continued rollout of Renewable Energy activities such as the award-winning National Energy Communication Campaign, Commissioning of Solar Lighting in Community Centres and the Installation of Solar Lighting in Schools, National Energy Schools Caravan and Lightbulb Exchange Initiative as huge strides continue to be made in Sustainable Development and Energy Conservation by the Ministry of Energy and Energy Affairs.”

T&T set for Energy Efficient Roads!

Today the Government of Trinidad and Tobago through the 2015 Budget announced No VAT and No Motor Vehicle Tax for New AND Used hybrid and electric vehicles (up to 2 years old) for the next five years.

Stay tuned for updates on this and more stories from the Ministry of Energy and Energy Affairs.


The Honourable Minister Kevin Ramnarine.

The Honourable Minister Kevin Ramnarine.

Hybrid Synergy Drive Engine

Hybrid Synergy Drive Engine

The Prius and the Camry on display.

The Prius and the Camry on display.

The Prius on Display

The Prius on Display

T&T to harness Wind Energy

Wind is the renewable energy source getting active consideration as Government moves toward lower carbon options for electricity generation. Energy Minister Kevin Ramnarine said a Wind Resource Assessment Programme is soon to be launched across the country.

He made the announcement in his address at an IDB conference on Natural Gas in the Caribbean at the Hyatt Regency in Miami.

“Given that we in Trinidad and Tobago now generate 100 per cent of our electricity from natural gas it is expected that our next evolution would be towards a lower carbon option. That for us means wind resource and wind is abundant on our country’s east coast,” the Minister said.

Ramnarine said a Carbon Reduction Strategy Task Force has been established under the Ministry of Environment and Water Resources to develop a draft National Carbon Reducation Strategy focused on the transportation, industrial and power generation sectors.

Earlier, the minister said imports of fuel oil or diesel for power generation had negatively affected current accounts, balance of payments and levels of debt across the Caribbean. He warned that if the “energy status quo” did not change, the region’s debt burden would get heavier.

“The high price of oil products leads to high energy costs in the region, which slows economic growth and hurts competitiveness. The high price of oil is not going to go away anytime soon,” he said.

According to Ramnarine, the current relationship between the Caribbean and energy was not sustainable and has “set in train a vicious cycle—oil consumption, increasing debt levels, impact on growth of loss of competitiveness.
He said the way forward was through collaboration and collective action.

“The region has to diversify itself away from liquid fuels and towards natural gas and, where economically feasible, renewable energy,” Ramnarine said.

He added that the region must, as soon as possible, make a significant conversion of installed power generation capacity to natural gas or renewable energy.

Source: The Guardian Online.

MyEnergyTT cops a New Green Award!

The Ministry of Energy and Energy Affairs triumphed at the Environmental Management Authority’s GREEN LEAF AWARDS 2014 at the Hyatt Regency last night!

This prestigious award is only given once every two years and is given to an organisation which shows landmark achievement in the field of environmental sustainability.

The MEEA won on the basis of its tremendously popular “National Energy Communication Campaign” which involves infomercials on TV, radio ads and print media as well as Outreach and Awareness activities at schools and in communities and events across the islands such as the booths at Divali Nagar, San City Green Expo and the National Annual Easter Kite Flying competition.

EMA officials commented on the passion of the campaign to drive the message home about energy usage and conservation and recognised the commitment of MEEA staff to lead by example in Environmental Conservation.

PS Heidi Wong received the award on behalf of the Ministry.

The Award!

The Award!

DPS Wong, Minister Ramona Ramdial, PS Vidya Ramkhelawan, EMA Chairman Mr. Allan Bachan, United Nations Environment Programme representative and Long service awardees.

DPS Wong, Minister Ramona Ramdial, PS Vidya Ramkhelawan, EMA Chairman Mr. Allan Bachan, United Nations Environment Programme representative and Long service awardees.

Deputy Permanent Secretary of the MEEA, Heidi Wong accepts the Green Leaf Award 2014 from Allan Bachan, Chairman of the EMA

Deputy Permanent Secretary of the MEEA, Heidi Wong accepts the Green Leaf Award 2014 from Allan Bachan, Chairman of the EMA

Ten Things to do for Earth Day

This Earth Day falls just after the long weekend here in Trinidad and Tobago, on Tuesday 22nd April 2014.

To celebrate and heighten the awareness of our precious eco-system on Earth, the Ministry of Energy and Energy Affairs would like to share some ideas on the best ways to celebrate with all of T&T!

Gardening / Planting
April showers they say, bring May flowers. And what better way to celebrate than to contribute to the greenery around your home or office. You can easily include children in this exercise and start with easy to care for trees and plants. Given that we live in a tropical environment, you can either easily find seeds or seedlings that you pay for, or find them in wilder places such as on a drive through the hills to the beaches over the weekend. Of course, be sure to be responsible in collecting anything from the wild!

Start a Home / Office Recycling Programme
A great idea is to check your usage of certain items that can be recycled or reused and institute a system to encourage this healthy activity! Start with a way to reuse containers (perhaps as plant pots!) and other items you may traditionally throw out. Then you can look at paper usage and find ways to recycle at places that accept paper. A number of places in T&T such as groceries also offer plastic recycling depots.

Switch to Energy Saving Bulbs
This is a great way to not only slow our usage of our energy reserves locally (our energy is primarily produced by our natural gas) and be kind to the environment. For those that can, LED bulbs are excellent, and the Ministry has also pioneered the switch to CFLs with our Bulb Exchange Programme in certain communities. The cumulative energy savings from hundreds of households making the switch can help us lead a more energy efficient country and even better – help you save on your energy bills!

Save the Turtles!
You don’t have to wait till Earth Day to celebrate! Did you know you can already catch the nesting leatherback turtles on our islands’ coastlines? It’s a great time to take the family back to nature and join the teams of people who work tirelessly to keep these gentle giants safe from the birds, dogs and poachers who encroach. Be sure to book with a reputable team or club to join in the effort. It’s a life-changing experience!

Get Back to Nature!
Nothing is more eye-opening than a quick trip to the wilds of T&T! Getting back to nature over the weekend or before school reopens can be a great way to disconnect from the work/school work and technology we use everyday.

Beach Clean Up
There’s always time to do this one – especially after a long one. The first point is to take nothing and leave nothing on your beach weekend! But also walk with a couple extra bags and collect any garbage you see while you enjoy walking any of our excellent beaches! Be sure to take precautions and walk with hand sanitizer, gloves and/or soap to clean up after!

Donate or Volunteer!
So many organisations need financial assistance to carry out their organisations’ goals but may lack the know-how or knowledge to raise funds. They may also lack the human resource capacity necessary. Take a quick look at local Facebook Pages to see what interests you and where you can lend a hand!

Walk, Ride or Run!
Get active! Need to make a quick trip in your neighbourhood? Leave the car at home and head out for a quick jog or walk. It’s good for you and saves on fuel use! Be sure to always keep your car maintained as well – from checking your tyre pressure to your oil at least once weekly or before longer trips – a better functioning car is a more fuel-efficient and money saving car!

Power-Down Hour
While many of us did it for Earth Hour recently this month, a great idea is to have an hour perhaps on weekends when you can power down all your energy-using devices and enjoy some family time together. Turn off the TV or computer and enjoy a family dinner together, perhaps with some board games, card games or anything else you and your family enjoys!

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