Ministry of Energy Cops Petroleum Economist Award


Senator the Honourable Kevin C Ramnarine, Minister of Energy and Energy Affairs officially accepted the Petroleum Economist’s Award for Cleaner Energy Initiative 2014 for the MEEA’s Lightbulb Exchange Initiative.

The Petroleum Economist is a monthly magazine that provides macro-economic and geopolitical analysis of the energy industry. It is owned by Euromoney Institutional Investor, part of the Daily Mail and General Trust. Selected community centers and schools throughout Trinidad and Tobago have hosted the Lightbulb Exchange Programme, which focuses on educating the public on the type of lightbulbs they use and how to adopt more energy efficient practices.

In order to promote energy efficiency among the population, the Ministry is encouraging citizens to take the simple step of replacing their traditional incandescent lightbulbs with energy-efficient CFL bulbs, which last longer, use less energy and may help them save money on their electricity bills. The programme began on July 13, 2013 at Penal Rock Road Hindu Primary School and since then there have been 4 other programmes around the country which took place at Barataria Regional Complex, Ackee Street Playground Edinburgh 500, Felicity Presbyterian Primary School, Argyle Community Centre, Tobago and Patience Hill Primary School, Tobago.

To promote the usage of more efficient lightbulbs in homes, the Ministry gives citizens a head start by offering two CFL lightbulbs in exchange for two traditional incandescent lightbulbs per household to visitors of the caravan. Visitors will also be provided with additional information on becoming more energy efficient at home, at school and at work.

Approximately twenty-five (25) visitors to each programme may register for an energy needs assessment of their home, which may entitle them to have their most frequently used lightbulbs at home switched to CFLs. Participants in this programme will be required to provide their two most recent electricity bills (a six-month period) before the caravan as well as the next two electricity bills following the outreach in order to assess the impact of the bulb exchange. Preference will be given to low-income households.

Minister Ramnarine expressed his delight at the win stating that, “The staff at the Ministry of Energy and Energy Affairs has been hard at work on these initiatives and I’m glad to see them get recognition for their achievements. These programmes are essential teaching tools for the public to be more energy conscious and to propel the country into an age of sustainability. ”

Congratulations to the team at the MEEA!