On Display: Our Energy at Work

Energy Pavilion at Divali NagarIt’s not too late to catch the Energy Pavilion at Divali Nagar 2014 – one of the most exciting booths on display at this year’s festival, featuring 5 different companies with tons of activities and giveaways. For the past week, The Ministry of Energy and Energy Affairs as well as the National Gas Company (NGC), NGC CNG (a subsidiary of NGC), National Energy, and Petrotrin have thrilled and engaged with hundreds of patrons at the Divali Nagar. In particular, fans were keen to see the Mitsubishi Lancer outfitted with a CNG conversion kit to make use of T&T’s very own supply of the cleaner and more environmentally-friendly natural gas. The car highlights the ease of conversion to the cheaper and friendlier fuel and falls in line with our nation’s plan to increase CNG refuelling stations while lowering the cost of acquisition; all to make natural gas a more natural choice.


Also on hand were members of our very own Renewable Energy Unit, to chat with patrons on making the switch to a more energy efficient lifestyle as well as to show the brand new update to the award winning, www.myenergytt.com.


If you can’t make it to Divali Nagar this year, be sure to stay tuned to our Facebook Page, play T&T’s hottest Energy Game and visit us online at myenergytt.com.