Ten Things to do for Earth Day

This Earth Day falls just after the long weekend here in Trinidad and Tobago, on Tuesday 22nd April 2014.

To celebrate and heighten the awareness of our precious eco-system on Earth, the Ministry of Energy and Energy Affairs would like to share some ideas on the best ways to celebrate with all of T&T!

Gardening / Planting
April showers they say, bring May flowers. And what better way to celebrate than to contribute to the greenery around your home or office. You can easily include children in this exercise and start with easy to care for trees and plants. Given that we live in a tropical environment, you can either easily find seeds or seedlings that you pay for, or find them in wilder places such as on a drive through the hills to the beaches over the weekend. Of course, be sure to be responsible in collecting anything from the wild!

Start a Home / Office Recycling Programme
A great idea is to check your usage of certain items that can be recycled or reused and institute a system to encourage this healthy activity! Start with a way to reuse containers (perhaps as plant pots!) and other items you may traditionally throw out. Then you can look at paper usage and find ways to recycle at places that accept paper. A number of places in T&T such as groceries also offer plastic recycling depots.

Switch to Energy Saving Bulbs
This is a great way to not only slow our usage of our energy reserves locally (our energy is primarily produced by our natural gas) and be kind to the environment. For those that can, LED bulbs are excellent, and the Ministry has also pioneered the switch to CFLs with our Bulb Exchange Programme in certain communities. The cumulative energy savings from hundreds of households making the switch can help us lead a more energy efficient country and even better – help you save on your energy bills!

Save the Turtles!
You don’t have to wait till Earth Day to celebrate! Did you know you can already catch the nesting leatherback turtles on our islands’ coastlines? It’s a great time to take the family back to nature and join the teams of people who work tirelessly to keep these gentle giants safe from the birds, dogs and poachers who encroach. Be sure to book with a reputable team or club to join in the effort. It’s a life-changing experience!

Get Back to Nature!
Nothing is more eye-opening than a quick trip to the wilds of T&T! Getting back to nature over the weekend or before school reopens can be a great way to disconnect from the work/school work and technology we use everyday.

Beach Clean Up
There’s always time to do this one – especially after a long one. The first point is to take nothing and leave nothing on your beach weekend! But also walk with a couple extra bags and collect any garbage you see while you enjoy walking any of our excellent beaches! Be sure to take precautions and walk with hand sanitizer, gloves and/or soap to clean up after!

Donate or Volunteer!
So many organisations need financial assistance to carry out their organisations’ goals but may lack the know-how or knowledge to raise funds. They may also lack the human resource capacity necessary. Take a quick look at local Facebook Pages to see what interests you and where you can lend a hand!

Walk, Ride or Run!
Get active! Need to make a quick trip in your neighbourhood? Leave the car at home and head out for a quick jog or walk. It’s good for you and saves on fuel use! Be sure to always keep your car maintained as well – from checking your tyre pressure to your oil at least once weekly or before longer trips – a better functioning car is a more fuel-efficient and money saving car!

Power-Down Hour
While many of us did it for Earth Hour recently this month, a great idea is to have an hour perhaps on weekends when you can power down all your energy-using devices and enjoy some family time together. Turn off the TV or computer and enjoy a family dinner together, perhaps with some board games, card games or anything else you and your family enjoys!

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